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FOX News
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> very sad. >> steve: meanwhile, as we switch gears, live look at the white house, officials are trying to backtrack calling a leaked immigration reform plan, a plan "b". it shows the president is not serious about reform and bipartisan negotiations are going. kelly wright joins us from washington. >> reporter: good to see you all on this presidents' day. critics of the president's plan says it outlines actions the obama administration have taken and people here living here illegally and the white house say no specific action was taken on the plan, but white house chief of staff says the administration's approach is to have a plan "b" in place in the event that bipartisan talks in congress fail to produce comprehensive immigration reform. >> the fact of this report, david, i think all it says to me we are doing exactly what we said we'll do. we will be prepared in event the bipartisan talks on the hill we're aggressively supporting if those don't work out, we'll have an option ready to put out there >> reporter: republicans are expressing concerns about the president's plan. they say it
FOX News
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am EST
district in ruins. now, they are bringing in cadaver dogs. new details on what went wrong. >> steve: meanwhile, the cuts the country were about to face were president obama's idea but he is hoping you don't remember that. >> they are not fair and they will hurt our economy and add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. >> steve: no wonder he doesn't want to take credit for it. new blame game. >> brian: how much does this woman love president obama. so much so voted them for six times. fox and friends starts now. >>> fox and friends, brian, welcome back. where did you do go and did you miss us? >> first off the chinese hacked my blackberry i can't open up any of my emails. i should have put the back on first. >> steve: see if it works? >> gretchen: i thought that congress' approval waiting went up 15%. all right. in the meantime, as he fixes his blackberry let's get positive to a developing story. stay tuned on to fox and friends report. >> they are charging pre-med dated murder. they found steroids in his home. good morning, amy. >> investigators say they foun
FOX News
Feb 21, 2013 3:00am PST
. and this weekend some of that moisture, steve, gretchen, and brian, could make for a nor'easter for new england. snow on top of the two feet they got two or three weeks ago. >> okay. it's keeping us in business, the weather. >> thanks so much. >> now it's time to drive back to a time when great cars ruled roads. now you can own one for yourself. live from florida is anna. how do people get their hands on these things? >> well, they are up for auction, gretchen, this saturday. there's 80 cars up for auction. we are in a 1957 mercury monte clare red convertible. gorgeous. along with the the 80 cars. thousands of pieces of memorabilia going up for auction. a portion of the proceeds will be going to military charities. let's take a look at some of these cars. ♪ she's real fine my 409 my 409 ♪ >> tell me about the car. >> 409 cubic inches, 425-horsepower, positive tracks rear. >> let's go to the beach. who doesn't love the beach boys? >> she's real fine my 409. speed limit? none. with the southerners admire a car we say nice car. >> this is a z28. >> ♪ diamonds are a girl's best >> diamonds ar
FOX News
Feb 23, 2013 8:00am PST
in focus with mr. steve forbes. rich and elizabeth and mike and steve. will it lower pricis? >> it will certainly h. a stable dollar would help, too. >> private money is it willing to do this and take the risk. let them take the risk and we'll be the beneficiaries. >> is it finally time with high gas prices to let it work? >> i think it will happen. i wish i could be as hopeful in terms of the ben ficts as steve is. there are 90 million pump've -- pumped out every day. it will not accomplish what everyone believes it will. you have to weigh that to the damage it would be doing. >> it is not overnight but in the long run it will help. >> a tiny, tiny bit. rick pointed out that oil is sold in a global market place. the investment should be encouraged because it is money chasing the profit motive and using taxpayer money to share his grand vision of the future utopia that no one wants to buy. >> rich, specifically president obama said high gas prices are a result of world wide demand and not much to do with supply as it does with demand jacking up the prices. if there is more w
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 3:00am PST
we be cutting ours? >> steve: more good nice, gas prices got hiked up for the 33rd day in a row. prices continue to soar, washington continues to stay silent. when can we expect in relief i ask. eric bombing. >> eric: if s your gun stored in a safe place? the new law that let's cops search legal gun owners who haven't broken any laws. fox and friends starts right now. >> gretchen: brian is extending his holiday weekend for another day. we have eric bombing sitting here. >> steve: can you believe it. a former oil trader on the couch and first, let's start with fox news alert. >> gretchen: major cyber security, a series of hacking attacks against the united states. heather joins us live with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. these are the startling findings in a new report that has just been released. the 74-page report says 141 major hacking attempts have been traced back to a secret group that is linked back to the china's military. the organizations include energy arrow space companies and also itel communications firm, blueprints and other sensitive documents were stolen
FOX News
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am EST
? judges official? >> you and steve are cried and i'm losing. >> we are tied in first and you are in the distant second. >> i her the booby prize is better. okay, what's next some. >> what did washington give up the day he became president? was it tobacco chewing, was it dancing, was it his paycheck? you got it right. c is the correct answer. no other president has given up higgs salary but george washington did. >> and he didn't take any money to be washington. >> he was one of the wealthiest men in the united states. >> joel, does that cont? you are the official judge. does that cont? >> yes. thank you. >> you are not even paying attention. >> all right. what building did george washington help to design but never occupy? never lived in? was it, a, the white house, b, mt. vernon, or, c, the washington monument? the white house. he never lived there but he did survey it. >> was i the only one that got that right? >> oh, bummer. >> everyone got that right. but washington went out and surveyed it and chose where the front door would go but he died before it was done. >> one mor
Feb 18, 2013 8:00am EST
morning to you at home. i'm savannah guthrie. along with al roker, carl quintanilla and star co-host steve harvey is here. >> who thought of this? >> it's a great idea, right? >> yeah. this is really fun. >> a great couple of hours with you this morning. on your show, you have, what do you call it, money week? >> this week is money week. we're giving away thousands and thousands of dollars to a lucky audience member. when the audience member gets into the booth, there's a purple and gold bill. if they win the gold bill they win a very special prize. if they get the purple bill, the whole audience gets a prize. and we have a sled that you can ride in the snow or in the grass. they made me get on it, of course. >> all kinds of things you might -- >> no manly way to sit on it. >> you look happy about it. >> no manly way to do it so you just sit on it. >> you're going to answer some questions from folks on the plaza and over at the nbc experience store. can we discuss your other segment, the pregnancy story? >> there was a guy who showed what's called an empathy garment. he put the suit on so
Feb 18, 2013 9:00am EST
along with al roker, natalie morales and special coost steve harvey, inside. >> inside. >> it's really fun, steve. >> this is amazing. you should try this more often. >> no kidding. especially in february. >> it's like 5 outside. how cold is it out with the wind? >> it's 18. >> 18. >> a couple of degrees. >> but the windchill, it feels like -- >> that's what i meant. >> there you go. >> including the windchill. you should know that about me by now. steve, before we get into our take three, we're just talking about what you're doing right now, how busy you are. your talk show is great. you're doing family feud. >> every morning. >> do you eat, sleep, bathe? >> no, none of that. just get a lot of cologne and make it work. >> you smell great, by the way, too. >> thank you. i care about every minute of the day. people ask me how do you do all of this? i care about every single minute of the day. you can get a lot done if you just keep it on track and work it right. "family feud" is great. it's probably the best thing that happened to me to propel me into mainstream america, that game show.
Feb 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
's time to play family feud. give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: these families are ready to go. come on, now. thank you, folks. thank you very much. i appreciate you coming. thank you, everybody. hey, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man, steve harvey. you know what, we got a good one for you today. this family returns for the second day, already with a total of $20,000. from seattle, washington it's the kline family. [crowd cheering] and from right here in atlanta, georgia it's the lee family. [crowd cheering] let's get it on. give me connie. give me shekita. ["family feud" theme plays] ladies, here we go. we got the top 7 answers on the board. name something a cowboy does with his boots on. connie. >> he sleeps. steve: he sleeps. >> eats, eats. steve: eats. pass or play, connie? >> play. we're gonna play! steve: connie's gonna play. >> play, yes! yes. steve: noah, how you feeling today? >> hey, feeling good, steve. steve: good job. ready for med school? >> i'm getting ready. steve: all right. let's go. name something a cowboy does with
Feb 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
/7. call 1-8 sive. announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play family feud. give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, now. you got to win the money this time. thank you very much, everybody. thank you for coming. thank you so much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got another good one for you today. this family returning for the third day, from crown point, indiana, it is the oller family. [crowd cheering] steve: and from marietta georgia, it's the kennedy family. [crowd cheering] steve: let's play the feud! give me sheila, give me allyson. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays] >> good luck, there. >> you, too. steve: ladies. the top 6 answers on the board, ladies. name something you don't like to see the doctor reaching for. sheila. >> a thermometer. steve: a thermometer. allyson. >> a rubber glove. steve: a rubber glove. you better know it. a rubber glove. >> yes! steve: pass or play? >> we'll play... steve: they're gonna play. i got you. i got you. [crowd cheering] steve: goo
Feb 21, 2013 11:35pm EST
for steve martin. there is a really long pause. you know he's got so much to say. >> don't do it. >> plus jesse jackson, jr. stole campaign money and blew it on a fur cape, a mounted elk head and a used michael jackson fedora. >> bad decision. >> great decision making on what he bought. >> coming up, we got diane cannon. >> how long do you wait before  >> attention "tmz" viewers do you love "tmz" so much you want to wear it on your body? before you get that painful tattoo, check out the "tmz" store. we've got everything like shirts and hats and beanies and more shirts. got a cold dog, then you're a horrible owner so get him a dog hoodie. love to drink coffee, then pick up a hat. >> want to be like harvey? no. well you can still buy a sippy cup any way. come to "tmz" where our motto is all major credit cards accepted. >> you're looking at the most hated man in u.s. politics. a man who stole almost a million bucks from his campaign and blew it on -- well really cool stuff. jesse jackson, jr. and this video is about to get awesome. >> we got jesse jac
Feb 19, 2013 5:00am PST
to a brand- new day with us, how is the weather, steve? >>> we are going to get a lot of cold air and it is still on the way, it is in advance of the system and it is going to be a very cold day, upper 40s and 50s and a possibility of thunderstorms, here is sal. >>> good morning, traffic is going to be slow in some areas and the weather will play a role, you can see traffic is busy and also this morning we are looking at 880 westbound and traffic is moving along nicely. let's go back to the desk. >>> as steve mentioned, it could create a rainy commute for many of you, alex savage is covering the dramatic change in weather following a very nice three-day weekend, alex? >> reporter: it really was, it was a beautiful comfortable three-day weekend in the bay area and it is a true weather system that has moved into the bay area right now. as you can see the rain has sort of tapered off and let me show you what it looks like. we are here on highway 101 in petaluma at the highway exit and this is what it looks like, just about an hour or so ago. drivers need to be prepared if this system
Feb 19, 2013 4:30am PST
and there are some raindrops and coming up, our meteorologist steve paulson will have more as you head out the door. and we have more on our website, all you have to do is click on the weather tab and you can have the latest sent right to your cell phone. >> and today's windy weather could topple trees, no storm was needed to crush a heritage oak. a tree service crew plans to remove the 300 to 400-year-old tree from the house on mdeb. the only dab mt. diablo. the homeowner was in side when the tree hit roof. >> i just froze. firefighters are concerned it could laps and nobody is allowed inside until they take a look. >>> a pacific freight train truck and kill a man before 8:00 as it was moving across the churchill crossing. it is still not clear what the man was doing onto the train tracks. it cass a delay for many late night trains. >>> police say a woman was found last night at a homeless camp near a food store on industrial parkway and they are trying to figure out if she died of natural causes or if her death is suspicious. >>> oscar pistorius is standing by his claims he did not m
Feb 18, 2013 7:00am EST
abilities at a school here in new york. >>> steve harvey is here. actor, comedian, talk show host, game show host. for a couple of hours this morning, he will be one well caffeinated co-host. >> little tip from sg to you, that is not the coffee you want. there's a better stash of coffee. all right. he has a lot to -- yeah, don't even -- throw it right out. exactly. you're welcome. but first, last night in houston, nba's best face off at the all-star game. off the court, a basketball legend was doing a little celebration of his own. craig nelson is here with that story. >> a sign we are all getting old. michael jordan celebrating the big 5-0. there's a heat about the greatest, six championships and six time mvp, all-star. that's just his accomplishments on the court. what's the man who is half a century old going to do now? >> jordan. >> jordan going all the way! >> jordan going the length of the floor. >> reporter: official nba bio, michael jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. >> you sit there with your mouth wide open, just watching what he was able to do athletically. >> r
Feb 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody doing? that's really good. thank you very much. thank you for coming. thank you very much. thank you. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got a good one for you today. returning for the second day from marietta, georgia, it's the kennedy family, and from right here in hotlanta, georgia, it's the brown family. i'm gonna give away money, but to get it, you got to play for it. let's go. give me sheila. give me keith. let's go. hey, guys, here we go. we got the top 8 answers on the board. name something dog lovers would rather do with a dog than a person. sheila. >> take the dog walking. steve: walk. >> whoo! >> play! play! >> we're going to play. steve: they're gonna play, keith. hey, sheila. >> good morning, good morning. steve: how you doing? >> i'm still bodacious. steve: see you got another fancy sweater on. >> yes. i do. steve: are you known for your sweaters? >> no. it just helps-- >> sort of. steve: sort of? >> ju
Feb 21, 2013 4:30am PST
, let's check in with steve do we have more clouds than yesterday? >> no, yesterday was much colder and we have a few high clouds clipping us in the north and we have a few high 50s low 60s here is sal. >>> traffic continues to look good if you are driving on 880 north and south everything looks good let's go back to the desk. >>> now it appears major league baseball is appearing for guidelines to san jose, claudine wong joins us with this very new development, claudine wong? >> reporter: we don't know but at least continue to one now exist since this battle has gone on for years and they are trying to move down to san josement the guidelines done actually make a vote more of a possibility. if they act this these sidelines it is critical. in order for the a's to move a few things have to happen. both a to resince the giants territorial rights to that area. even if it was approved giants could block the project by suing. what could be in these guidelines? it is likely the as have to show a successful formula and make money once it is done because a big viability is an issue. remember
Feb 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
. joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all very much. [cheering and applause] hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? like always, we got another good one for you today. family's returning for their second day--straight out of louisville, kentucky, it's the darden family. and from seattle, washington it's the kline family. let's go. give me connie. give me terry jr. guys, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name the first thing a guy wants after his girlfriend has dumped him. >> an alcohol drink. steve: an alcohol drink. >> yeah! steve: terry. >> another woman. steve: another woman. yeah. >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. all right. hey, marleisha, how you doing today? >> i'm wonderful. steve: what's your major? >> elementary education. steve: elementary education. that's good right there. that'll go right in line with my son. >> perfect. we're perfect for each other. i can alread
FOX Business
Feb 17, 2013 2:00am EST
? hi, everybody. welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go in with steve forks, rick you thinker, elizabeth mcdonald, morgan brennan, rich carlguard and mike. steve, if you want to cut waste, is this the place to start? >> sure, david. green energy a great place to save green dollars. if green energy had any promise, entrepreneurs would be in on it. in terms of clean energy, we have it in our backyard with natural gas, remove obstacles to that, we'll have all the ean energy we want and need and export it. >> rick, you're against government waste. this was an incredibly wasful program. is this the place we should start cutting? >> i actually came up with a very short quote that i think speaks to this point better than i could ever hope to. so i'm gog read it. federal investment in science and basic research has led to numerous innovations and commercial successes from laser lasers, from the internet to mri scanners. do you know who said that? mitt romney in his book "no apology, the case for american greatness." that is the point. look, government has always been involved in our greatest pro
Feb 19, 2013 6:00am PST
for waking up with us, steve is here covering rain, how much do you think we will get? >> a quarter of an inch, we have winter weather advisories from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 and it could be interesting weather seeing some of that green rain i'm sure up into lake county and the key is upper 50s and lower 40s but the afternoon is a lot more active and maybe some thunderstorms and again very low snow levels, here is sal. >>> it is a lot more crowded today than it was yesterday and we have some rain to deal with, just enough that we will have more crashes reported. that traffic does -- traffic does look good, we are on storm watch this morning. wet weather is moving across the northern part of the bay area, and alex savage is reporting conditions up in petaluma for the past 90 minutes and how is it looking right now alex? >> we have not seen any rain for the past hour and a half and that does not mean roads are not slick and as we push closer just south, we are starting to see the southbound traffic which slowed down for a bit for whatever reason in this area. let me show you what thing
Feb 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
daughter battle kidney cancer steve lane can't help but ask why her, why us? 11-year-old ireland is in remission, but a couple weeks ago she hit her head at school and passed out. so steve brought her back to dornbecker. on february 2nd steve said ireland was making gifts for the nurses and he dozed off when all of a sudden he heard her -- >> she screamed fire i'm burning. when i sat up she was going out the door towards the nurses. one of them ran to get some kind of blanket or something to put it out and i laid across her to put out the fire. >> reporter: doctors rushed ireland to the icu and eventually transferred her toking are is i burn center. steve says all his -- her to the ledge is i burn center. steve says -- legacy burn center. steve says all his kids had been playing with static electricity that week and ireland had just wiped down her table with hand is an tidesser. >> i gave them -- sanitizer. >> i gave them permission to tear through the entire room and the only flammable thing she had used all day was the hand sanitizer. >> that this would happen anywhere much le
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
i love slowing down. cruising is the best way to see burgundy. it forces you to slow down. steves: and steve's family is hitching a ride, too, as we learn how the french, who invented our modern concept of a vacation, are on to something good with barging. oh, my. steves: the canal-side lane, built as an industrial-age tow path, is ideal for jogging, strolling, or biking. boats come with bikes, and the pace is relaxing enough to allow for excursions. your ride is punctuated by a lock every mile or so. by going from lock to lock, boats can gently climb, step by step, over the rolling terrain. each lock is a treat. attendants who live in the historic lock houses are friendly and always ready to help out. some locks are automated. [ beeping ] others involve a little old-fashioned elbow grease. [ accordion playing ] full-service barges can be hired with a captain and crew who do the navigating, cooking, and guiding. boats have comfy state rooms, all the comforts you'd expect in a good hotel, and you'll invariably be eating and drinking some of the very best that burgundy has to offer.
Feb 21, 2013 6:30pm EST
a great night. >> coming up, rod stewart and we asked him do you have any parenting advice for steve martin. there is a really long pause. you know he's got so much to say. >> don't do it. >> plus jesse jackson, jr. stole campaign money and blew it on a fur cape, a mounted elk head and a used michael jackson fedora. >> bad decision. >> great decision making on what he bought. >> coming up, we got diane cannon. >> how long do you wait before >> attention "tmz" viewers do you love "tmz" so much you want to wear it on your body? before you get that painful tattoo, check out the "tmz" store. we've got everything like shirts and hats and beanies and more shirts. got a cold dog, then you're a horrible owner so get him a dog hoodie. love to drink coffee, then pick up a hat. >> want to be like harvey? no. well you can still buy a sippy cup any way. come to "tmz" where our motto is all major credit cards accepted. >> you're looking at the most hated man in u.s. politics. a man who stole almost a million bucks from his campaign and blew it on -- well really cool stuff. jesse jackson
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am PST
to a very good start, let's go to steve. >>> we have a low pattern change and low clouds are in place, it will be cooler, cloudy and cold, rain begins, we will get something out of it and the rest of this week it looks cool and breezy and i wish we could get the rest, a lot of clouds, mostly cloudy in advance of those cold systems, it is going to take our temperatures way down and that's where we increase in advance of it and snow levels will be very low and it does not look like there will be a lot of moisture, we'll see if it holds together a little bit stronger and things have been grim since the beginning of the year. 30s and 40s, a couple of 40s and that low cloud deck is coming in and it is inching in towards cent city and eureka has a place to go and temperatures will really drop tomorrow, tuesday into wednesday and we slowly recover as we head towards the middle of the week. winds will turn southerly in advance of that system. 50s and very low 60s and this will change compared to last week which was sunny and warm and we have big changes, mainly thunderstorms, a week system, o
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am PST
-time high set in 2007. what is going on here? joining me, steve leaseman, also the other half of steve. columnist for the "washington post." so guys, i'm a little perplexed here. becky, let me start with you. wall street, do they just not believe washington anymore. we're on our fifth one. have they discounted all of the hype over this next crisis? >> i think this one's actually a little bit different, chuck. we've been talking to a lot of strategyists and a lot of investors who actually say, a lot of them, increasing number of them, that they think succession will happen and still positive on stocks. i'm scratching my head because particularly if you look at the defense stocks and consumer stocks, you think that there is going to be a crunch. when you get austerity, there are the repercussions that come with that. it surprises me to see the stock market looking at this and saying, whatever. >> steve, do you think that part of this is wall street just assumes washington will figure it out, that there is -- even if sequestration kicks in on march 1st, that they're smart enough to realiz
Feb 18, 2013 4:30am PST
to make it seem like nobody is off, steve and i are here. hello steve. >> steve, yes, sir. >> ly change it is a cold system, but today is that in betweener day. i really done think the temperatures will change too much. already inland on this. but there is a bunch of cold air and the cooling begins today and temperatures will drop right off the table and then really noticeable and then you and i will slowly benefit. mainly to the north bay, low clouds and cooler, 50s and lower 60s, there is that much cold air out of this, late tuesday into monday, really they don't look like too much. >> danika patrick made a history of her four-year career patrick posted more than 196 hours during qualifying at the beach and it is right here had sunday morning. >> daniel lee became the first to play in the all-star and lee played foreman 13 minutes finishing with 6 points and two steals. he was part of the western conference team, in the meantime there is a bit of controversy surrounding mike montgomery, coming up, we will have exchange with one of his star players, why some say did he it.$♪>>> comin
Feb 20, 2013 4:30am PST
to steve. >>> our system is in southern california, a north wind is coming in behind it and it is a cold one this morning, lots of 30s showing up. that system is out of here and it is starting to move down towards arizona, so if you have travel plans you are going down towards southern arizona. we are taking over san joaquin valley so heading to phoenix and now las vegas, lots of 40s and 40s in san francisco, 20s at fso 31 santa rosa, high pressure is building into the north, high pressure does not look the north so it try trees to fill it with win. north wind is good for santa rosa, some 60s and a lot of upper 50s. sunny mostly sunny, a system is clipping up it is north you about i don't think they are coming here. >>> going to the gold, the new bay area connection to the summer olympic plame. >>> the inside discovery, we will tell you more about it. >>> we will tell you about the conditions around the bay area for the morning commute, stay stay tuned. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [
Feb 16, 2013 11:30pm EST
in virginia. i think they should do it. >> it would make sense. >> steve thinks the lanes would only add congestion and frustration. >> it does not make sense to me. i know it is a well traveled roadway, but it does not make sense to me. why would they propose it on fairfax county parkway? >> i do not think so. the 495 beltway looks like it is not working. pat herrity is asking vdot study the possibility of widening the parkway to three lanes. to possibly add hot lanes are hov lanes. hot lanes are one we are looking at. the purpose is congestion relief. fairfax county chairperson sharon is not in favor of the hot lanes. she thinks other solutions could be better. more mass transit or more on the fairfax county we should something be introducing. >> jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. a damagings after , repairs aree underway. you what we found out this week about the work that that is taking place on the washington monument. of an ordinance that could hurt the business of some virginia wineries. >> i am steve rudin. a few flurries out there right now, but get ready. the wind will pick up tomorrow
Feb 18, 2013 1:30pm PST
! >>> celebrity cleavage got a workout this week. we vote for whose chest was best. >>> steve martin becomes a dad at age 67. somebody's going to have to share their -- >>> make some noise! >> this just in -- brad and angelina's child makes $3,000 a week. >> what the hell? >> this just in. "dish nation" cameramen go on strike. >>> welcome to "dish nation." the huge awesome funny entertainment news show. coast to coast from new york. the ricky smiley show, atlanta and beyond. special guest deejay this week -- from chicago. kidd kraddick, world champion from the heart of texas. this is "dish nation." >>> okay, you guys have probably figured out that i have a little bit of a man crush on shawn lowe from the bachelor. we tweet back and forth than manti te'o did with his dead girlfriend. but i do like the guy. this is a little surprising to me. it says on the cover of "us weekly" that sean lowe from the bachelor is saving himself until marriage. >> what? >> he's a virgin! >> whoa. >> technically he's not. >> well, there's no technically. that's like technically pregnant. he is not a virgin. >> right. h
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am PST
, let's go to steve at 6:08. >> our low is near southern california into arizona, the cool cold dry area, there is a lot of 20s being reported, we had some okay rain. unfortunately we don't see any coming in any time soon. quarter of an inch exactly as advertised. quarter inch in napa, same in morgan hill, fremont a third, oakland a third, everybody is so close october/november and december we turned the tap off and boy did we. 7.99 in san francisco, we can find a lot more than that. all are below and continuing to drop, i don't see anything upstream not for the next 5 to 7 days, arizona has impacted spring training and after that it will clear out and be cold. i saw in the oak landis trick the 2 -- oakland district 28, scott valley santa cruz mountains around 20 to 29, it will be sunny but breezy, code morning but breezy, temperatures are staying on the cool side, we are below average, upper 50s and very low 60s and in fact we should be around 60 to 65. we are staying slightly below average, cool and breezy as we go into the weekend. >>> well, the bay area is off to a chilly start, foll
Feb 21, 2013 5:00am PST
are driving without any idling let's go to steve. >>> we have a fast moving system in reno, tahoe, chuck e.but we have a little bit of fresh snow following that pour house low -- power house low we saw on tuesday. we have 20 to 0 miles per hour out of the -- 40 miles per hour out of the northwest and some on the coast are getting a good breeze. although mustily sunny 30s and 40s, the breeze and some of the patchy low clouds are holding up these lows. nasa and santa rosa we had a few more 20s and we have 20s and 30s in fairfield. 16, up to 30 mile-per-hour gusts and we have some locations as calm and mostly sunny and gradual warming and patchy low clouds, a good breeze as well, very low 60s and running slightly below normal on these temperatures, maybe by sunday, then everything points towards sunny and warmer weather. then we wantp it right backup, steve, why cyber spying may be happening more than we thought. >>> and the fight against blight, how one bay area city is fighting back. >>> good morning, highway 4 westbound, it looks good coming up to the willow pass grade and we will tell you
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am PST
morning, i am dave cook, let's check weather and traffic, steve a beautiful morning. >> the moon is almost full. >> there is almost a full moon out there by the way, we do have a little bit of a breeze, temperatures 30s and 40s and also a few snow showers up in the sierra, upper 50s and lower 60s, here is my good friend sal. >>> good morning westbound 24 not a bad drive heading to the tunnel this is a look at san jose and 280, not a bad start let's go back to the desk. >>> will they say or will they go as you know they are pushing for a strategy and now they are provide being guidelines for a possible move to san jose. reporter claudine wong joins us with this new development, claudine? >> reporter: well, palm we don't know -- pam, we don't know what the guidelines are but when you talk about how the oakland a's would facilitate a move to san jose that is a big deal when you talk about this long an ongoing battle. this battle has been going on for years but as the los angeles times reports, they don't guarantee a move but what they do is make a vote by club owners more of a possibility. if
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
to "time" magazine. >> yes. >> rose: and you write about steve jobs. >> actually before that, i did write about steve jobs. before that i went to detroit, for a year of battle hardening in 1979 as the automobile industry was collapsing. and it was-- and that was where, actually, i co-authored a book about the chrysler corporation and lee iacocca who was this larger-than-life figure who obviously was a house hold name 25, 30 years ago. and that was my introduction to mainstream journalism. and then i moved to california. first to los angeles. and where i found myself gravitating to northern california to do stories about all these little companies that nobody had heard of, you know, genentech was private. apple was just about public. microsoft was still private company. and i started writing about them and gradually got more interested. and then eventually wound up moving to san franciscwith time >> andhat was steve jobs like then? >>. >> it's probably, steve is probably an example of like many, many people, of the truism that you never take the boy out of the man. and so many of the trait
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